Fundamentals Program

Our Fundamentals program is designed to introduce students to the principles of Jiu-Jitsu and the basic techniques that make up its foundation. The program includes over 100 potentially life-saving self-defense techniques designed to be applied during real street confrontations. The Fundamentals program is a great way for experienced students to refine their technique and an essential part of the learning process for beginning students. In order to efficiently apply the techniques learned in fundamentals class you must be committed to learning through repetition. Frequent practice enables students to react calmly during threatening situations giving them the ability to react confidently and decisively.

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Advanced Program

The advanced program is the continuation of the principles and basic techniques that our students acquire during training in the Fundamentals program. A carefully evaluation of each student’s progress in the fundamentals portion of their training is made then that when they feel comfortable and ready to take the next step they can acquire a complete and profound understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. Our advanced program dissects all of the elements of a fight allowing our students to apply the use of leverage, timing and momentum in order to expand and refine their knowledge base by learning new techniques, combinations and counter attacks as well as improve on their reaction time and conditioning while gaining experience. During advanced program training our students begin to grow as martial artists and polish their overall game.

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